Frequently Asked Questions: Concrete Counter Top Maintenance Issues

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Q: What happens if I chip or scratch a counter top?

A: Chips rarely occur but can if the concrete is hit by a hard blunt object.  Epoxy mixed with a matching pigment and sometimes sand is applied then ground down and is usually a successful fix.  This should be done by us or someone with the proper know-how.  Minor scratches can usually be polished out.

Q: How often will I need to have my counter tops re-polished?

A: How often you will need to re-polish your concrete counter tops will depend on the type of sealer you select. The client should reseal concrete sealed with the penetrating sealer annually to keep it looking rich and maintain grease and grime resistance.  This is a fast and easy process as no special polishing is required; it just wipes on and off with a cotton rag.  The silicate sealer can be reapplied every 2-5 years as needed, and the urethane sealer rarely needs any maintenance other than a daily wipe.

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